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The bad guys are sending out emails, disguised as Netflix, that request you to update your billing information. Do not click the link! It will take you to a fake Netflix login page. Once you enter your login credentials, they will have you enter your updated credit card information. This will allow them to steal your identity and even gain complete access to your computer!

Here are some tips to keep you safe from the Netflix Scam:

  • Never click links, especially login links, contained in emails. Always go directly to the website to perform your task.
  • Always make sure the green HTTPS lock in your browser bar is active. If you do not see the lock, the site is not secure and you should beware.
  • If you do see the green HTTPS lock, verify that the web address is exactly correct. The bad guys will often setup a fake website with a web address that is very close to the legitimate one.
  • Don’t ignore spelling and grammar errors. These are red flags.
  • Be leery of urgent or time sensitive requests. The bad guys often use this tactic to cause you to let down your guard. Also, always be suspicious of an offer that sounds too good to be true.
  • Always keep your ID secure. Never give away a picture or your ID unless it is absolutely necessary and required.