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The bad guys are targeting social media platforms more than ever to perform Cyber Attacks. These sites include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. They are using many forms of social engineering techniques to effect your company’s profitability and productivity. Follow these best practices to minimize being the victim of a Social Media Cyber Attack.

  • Privacy Settings: Learn how to use and adjust the privacy settings on each site. Set the security to a high level and review them once per quarter.
  • Be Careful What You Share: Everything you post on any social media service will be there forever. Even if you deleted it, someone else may have created a screenshot or copied it. Ask yourself if this is something I would want to be on the front page of the news paper?
  • Confidential and Sensitive Data: Make sure you fully understand what types of information your employer considers confidential or sensitive. Hackers build a personal profile of you and your company. Any information that you post about a product release could be used by a hacker to trick a coworker via spear phishing attack.
  • Out Of The Office: Don’t post information that you are out of town or on a vacation. This seems harmless but is very valuable to the bad guys.
  • Contact Requests: Only accept connection requests from people you know or can be verified by other friends. Don’t accept the connection request if you are already connected to the person. The bad guys often create a duplicate page and falsely pose as the person you know and trust.
  • Usernames and Passwords: Always use different usernames and strong passwords for every social media site and never reuse them.
  • Work Email Address: Never use your work email address for anything other than work. Use different email addresses for each social media site. Use different, hard to guess, security questions for each site.
  • Pay Attention: Stop and think before you click on any link.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash