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What is the dark web?

The dark web is a portion of the internet that is only accessible through specialized software used mainly by criminals. Some of the many illicit activities conducted on the dark web include pornography trade, illegal drug and weapons commerce, the sale of malware code between criminal computer hackers, extremist propaganda, and…

Identity theft:

You may already be a victim of identity theft. Malicious software such as keylogger software can be used to extract your usernames and passwords. Or, fake emails known as “phishing attacks” can trick you into giving your credentials to cyber-criminals. Once criminals get your logins, they can be bought and sold on the dark web, and used to steal your identity or steal your money.

The dark web is anonymous, and is a huge, unseen part of the worldwide web. SCA fights cyber-crime every day. We have invested in cutting edge security tools to protect your business network, your information, and your identity.

One such tool in our arsenal is dark web research and monitoring. With SCA’s dark web monitoring tools, we can offer you real-time insight into any dark web activity associated with your domain and email addresses.

SCA’s dark web monitoring is just one of the many layers of security we deploy for our clients as part of a complete network security plan.

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