Many times when SCA begins working with a new client, there is a lack of network documentation, and often there is no one on staff with familiarity of the network’s components and status. This may be because an IT person left the company without leaving behind any documentation, or because the network has been managed by multiple people who were not communicating and building a consolidated network documentation library.

SCA’s recommended approach when we begin working with new clients is to perform a network audit. The audit process consists of taking an inventory of all of the client’s systems and software, collecting and consolidating all of the network documentation, thoroughly examining all aspects of the network in order to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities, and creating a technology plan, which is a prioritized list of recommendations, which can then be implemented at a pace that the client is comfortable with. This planned approach allows SCA to make sound recommendations with accurate price quotes, thus allowing the client to make the best decisions possible related to their IT needs.

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