SCA offers IT support on an as-needed, month-to-month basis. Unlike many IT support providers who require a long-term contract and fixed monthly fee for support, our typical support arrangement is an as-needed, hourly approach, combined with a healthy amount of proactive services. We think this is the most cost-effective approach for our clients.
An alternate approach is a “Managed Services” agreement, which SCA does not favor. A managed services agreement usually entails a minimum of a one-year contract, and includes a fixed monthly fee for a defined set of services. The tricky thing with this type of arrangement is that it usually favors one side or the other, especially as clients’ needs change. If the provider underprices the fee and later is not living up to their end of the bargain, the client suffers from bad support. Or, if the monthly fee is higher than it should be, the client suffers by paying more than they need to pay for the support they actually need. And again, managed services agreements usually carry a one-year commitment or more, so renegotiating the terms or exiting the relationship prior to the contract expiration is often difficult or not possible.

SCA’s support arrangements are month-to-month, and are usually a blend of a la carte proactive services, such as server monitoring, server maintenance, and offsite backups, coupled with as-needed support for day to day support needs.

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