What is Office 365?

“Office 365” is a subscription based set of applications from Microsoft that enable Microsoft Office productivity services (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Exchange Online, etc.) to be enabled over the internet (cloud service). Many of the Office 365 plans include a local desktop version of the application to be installed. These services are available for a monthly or an annual fee per user.

What is the Cloud?

“The cloud” is an easy way of describing computing services that are running in the internet, as opposed to running from your local computer. The service is essentially running from another computer (server) somewhere else in the world and connected to you through the internet. In some cases, the entire application and all data is on the cloud. In other cases, the application is on your local computer but the data is stored and accessed from “the cloud”.

What does this mean for you?

Many software solutions are moving to “the cloud”. This allows for greater functionality and flexibility than ever before. Office 365 was previously only available on Microsoft Windows  and Apple OSX and iOS devices. With the release of Office 365 for Android, this allows almost all users of all devices to seamlessly share, produce and access files from various operating systems and device types without any conversion required. As mobile devices become more powerful, affordable and accessible, these software solutions allow users to leave their offices and work from anywhere. This is even more proof that “the cloud’ is the wave of the future as Microsoft is focusing on selling and providing their new online services. These are far from the days when Bill Gates did not see a future for the internet. Satya Nadella, the current Microsoft CEO, is very focused on mobile computer and cloud services, especially as his competitors are doing the same.

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