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Responsive & Trustworthy

SCA is responsive and is staffed with quality folks that we trust. SCA provides services as an extension of our team. They approach our issues as if they were employees of our firm.

Mike Burgett

Founder , CIO Partners

EXCELLENT communication!

The knowledge I have gained from working with SCA has been very beneficial. They not only completed the tasks I needed, but also explained everything so I could understand and learn what they were doing. SCA has EXCELLENT communication skills. I met with SCA’s staff multiple times before beginning our projects. They showed me a roadmap of the project, provided detailed cost estimates, and gave me a project timeline. They will plan your projects out to a T, leaving nothing out. They are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all things IT. They understand the importance of zero downtime in our company and worked very well with our schedule. The experience and knowledge of their engineers gave me a peace about allowing them to work on our production servers.

Matthew Shadle

Technology Manager, Cabins For You

SCA does a phenomenal job of handling our IT needs!

SCA has an exceptional understanding of what we need from an IT standpoint. Their attention to detail and customer service is top notch. I’ve always felt confident that we’re going to be taken care of. Knowing that we have SCA to lean on gives us confidence that our needs will be dealt with in a timely manner.
Jason White

Sales Manager, Tents Unlimited

Working with SCA has been a wonderful experience!

SCA’s engineer has hands down been the best engineer we have had the pleasure to work with. Our IT needs were looking very overwhelming to me. SCA took charge of everything and got it all done. I have peace of mind that we have finally found the right fit for IT support. Thank you!
Andrea Schlapia

Founder, Ironstone

Open Communication

The biggest benefit in working with SCA is confidence in knowing that the issue at hand will be resolved quickly, seamlessly and without constantly having to follow up. Open communication as far as different options, costs and pros/cons for each solution has also been appreciated. If someone was on the fence about choosing SCA as their IT firm, I would say to do it. They have a great team of knowledgeable engineers keeping you up to date with latest technology, trends and threats.
Jacques Gouws

Operations Manager, The Hanson Group

Excellent Response Time

SCA has provided a level service that is beyond our expectations. They provide an excellent response time, and the cost is in line with what a small business can afford. Their support team has the best customer service skills, and they possess core values that match our company’s culture. Just give them a try and you will be surprised.
Julie Aldrich

Director of Operations, She Is Safe

Reliable With a Depth of Knowledge

The biggest benefit since moving to SCA for IT support is that we now have reliable solution for everyday issues and someone to handle the non-routine issues. SCA has a depth of knowledge and skills that exceed other smaller IT firms we have used.

Dean Hammond

IT Director, Central Presbyterian Church

You will not regret the selection of SCA!

SCA offers reliability, stability, and wide knowledge of the IT industry. SCA listens to the concerns of our agency and seeks the right IT solutions to handle them. You will not regret the selection of SCA as a firm to handle your IT needs.

Brenda Marlin

IT Manager, Marietta Housing Authority

Response Time is Great!

The IT services SCA provides are offered in a prompt and professional manner. Downtime is at a minimum, which is a huge difference from our last IT support provider. Response time is great. They go above and beyond to make sure our IT systems run smoothly. SCA makes sure they understand our needs and help us to make good decisions to keep our IT systems running.

Catherine Parker

Controller, Mann Mechanical Company

Peace of Mind

The single biggest benefit to us and our company since moving to SCA for IT support is peace of mind.  We are starting a new family-run company and need to have all our personal and business interests protected.  SCA provides that for us. SCA listened to what we were doing and tailored a program that fits our needs. That personal interaction separates SCA from everyone else. SCA delivered exactly what we needed for our new venture. They took the info we gave them and created an infrastructure that works for us.  They are a group dedicated to the success of our company and that made our decision easy to use them.
Arnie Seyden

Founder, Seyden Group, LLC

Proactive, Organized, Knowledgeable

They know our business and know what we need. They’re on top of the way technology is changing and its impact on us. They are proactive, organized, knowledgeable and don’t require babysitting. I contact them with an issue, concern or problem and know I don’t have to follow up again. It will get addressed in a timely manner. They’re local which is huge. They’re also not massive so you don’t get lost in the shuffle and consistently get reassigned to other people who have no idea how your business operates.
Justin Montgomery

Assistant Controller, Perennial Properties, Inc.

Peace of mind. Responsiveness. Expertise. Accountability.

Knowing that our equipment and data are monitored, our data is secure, and our systems are serviced by highly competent engineers that are dedicated to quality service standards provides us with peace of mind. SCA is responsive, provides a high level of expertise, and ascribes to the highest standard of customer care and technical proficiency that our company could hope for.

Marianne Miller

Administrative Management, JAT Consulting Services, Inc.

Customer Service Second To None!

I have so many great things to say about SCA. The customer service provided by SCA is truly second to none and our calls are answered immediately. It’s as if SCA’s engineers are employees of our company. They know us and our systems so well. We don’t have to waste time explaining our systems to someone new each time. SCA’s representatives are thorough, they are transparent and answer all of our questions, they’re not just trying to upsell us, and are very responsible in helping us stay within our budget. SCA will provide you with total peace of mind as it relates to your IT needs.
Donna Hawkins

Office Manager, Funco Partners

You will be very happy with SCA

The most beneficial thing about working with SCA is having someone that knows our systems. SCA is very consistent and thorough in all of their work. SCA is very supportive, friendly and helpful. They will always get back to you and help with anything no matter how small the issue. They make recommendations if they feel it will benefit your company, but never try to push you on purchasing anything. Carol Wilson

Office Manager, St. Andrew United Methodist Church