SCA’s recommends and sells Dell’s business-class systems, but we’ll work with whatever PC you choose to purchase.  The Dell business-class systems are OptiPlex and Precision desktops and Latitude and Precision laptops.

Twenty years ago a PC cost $3500, so manufacturers had a decent margin.  Nowadays, a business-class PC will be roughly $675 (add Microsoft Office for another $200 and Adobe Acrobat Standard for another $85), so margins are razor thin.

The moral of this story is that the tighter the margins the more likely you are to get what you pay for.  When you pay less for a consumer-grade system you get cheaper components that will give you more trouble and won’t last as long.  In a business setting, there’s a monetary cost for that loss of productivity.  In the long run, business-class systems are actually far less expensive.

In bullet form, why buy business-class systems?

  1. Better durability and build quality
  2. More build-to-order options
  3. Better expansion and connectivity options, suited for a business environment
  4. Longer warranties and better support
  5. Additional security built in