September 5th will mark our 20th anniversary here at SCA, and we’re very excited to reach that milestone. As I reflect upon this accomplishment you, our clients, come to mind first, and our employees follow closely behind. We wouldn’t be here today without the relationships forged between the two.

Why does SCA exist?

The answer is more basic than you might think. I founded SCA because of my desire to help people. Helping simply feels good. Understanding and applying the right technology can be overwhelming to our clients, and we get a very personal, emotional boost from knowing we’ve helped you overcome that hurdle.

How can SCA help more?

We have Technology Review meetings with many of our clients on an annual basis. I encourage you to take advantage of those to get a recap of what has been happening with your technology and to map out a plan for the coming year.

But, we can do more. I’m inviting you to email or call me with your “big picture” questions about technology. Here are a few examples:

  • “What is the cloud; is the cloud right for our company?”
  • “I keep hearing about Office 365, but what is Office 365 and would we benefit from it?”
  • “Microsoft Azure has been in the news. What is Azure and when is it a good fit?”

Thank you for your trust and your business!

Mike Grier
Founder and Managing Partner