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The IT security landscape changes very quickly. The security hardware and software from a few years ago is not sufficient to guard your company against the newest security threats. For this reason, an IT security assessment is very important. Even if you have an IT manager on staff or use and IT company to manage your network, it is recommended to have a 3rd party IT security company/consultant give an assessment. This will verify that there are no vulnerabilities in your network or business processes. But if there are, it will bring them to light so they can be addressed quickly. Having a secure network isn’t just about being safe from cyber attacks. It’s about business downtime cost.

Since your business relies heavily on it’s network, it must be stable and secure. If there are any gaps or weaknesses in the security of the network, it opens the door for potential cyber attacks. Cyber attacks come in various forms, but it happens, you also need a plan in place to recover as fast as possible. An IT Security Assessment is a checklist that verifies whether you have all of the layers in place to protect and recover from a cyber attack. After the assessment, a report will be generated, listing the gaps or vulnerabilities that were found, along with instructions on how to resolve them.

The layers of security that need to be assessed can be put into 4 different categories:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Computer and Server Infrastructure
  • Network and User Security
  • Advanced Network Security

Each of these layers has multiple items that must all be addressed specifically to their category as well as specific to your company.

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