Award Winning Service | IT Support Atlanta

Southeastern Computer Associates is an award-winning IT company.

They offer excellent deals and are the best place to go for IT Support Atlanta.

SCA is HIPAA certified as well as Microsoft-certified.

Following their core values always leads them in the right direction and ensures they will do right by you.

If you check out their reviews, you will see why they have been able to stay in business for many years. 

SCA will give you your first month of service for free.

It Support AtlantaYou will get a free network assessment when you contact them, and your first month of service will not cost you anything.

SCA is confident they will win you over in that first month. They have multiple packages, so you only pay for what you need.

One of Southeastern Computer Associates’ core values is integrity. As a company, SCA prides itself on treating clients with dignity and respect.

They will not try to squeeze money out of you and sell you services that won’t benefit your company.

Their goal is to help your business become more efficient and grow. If your company doesn’t stay in business, then SCA doesn’t stay in business.

Their commitment to helping their client’s business flourish makes them the top IT Support Atlanta.

When you have SCA as your IT manager, you have access to unlimited IT support!

Some companies will only give you so much support each month, but Southeastern Computer Associates will give you all the support your company needs.

Other IT companies will provide you with an allotted amount of support hours and charge you extra when you go over.

With SCA, they want you to know exactly how much money you will spend each month. Your monthly fee is your monthly fee, and that’s it.

They won’t start nickel and diming you with extra charges and add-ons.IT-Support-Atlanta-3183148

There are even no additional charges for on-site calls.

One monthly payment gets you everything you need. With SCA, you won’t even be charged any onboarding fees!

Dealing with technological issues can be very frustrating.

Technology is a crucial part of most businesses today, and when something goes wrong with your technology, it can mess up your whole day.

SCA’s technicians are sensitive to your needs and understand the frustrations that come with technology that isn’t working correctly.

Our IT Support Atlanta goal is to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

One of the ways we keep your frustrations to a minimum is by following the SCA guarantee.

We guarantee that whoever answers the phone when you contact us is the same person that will be with you until the problem is resolved.

The goal is not to have you explain your situation to five people, repeating yourself repeatedly and getting multiple answers.

The first person you talk to will stay with you expediting your process. 

Reach out to SCA at or 678-401-2465 if you want the number one IT Support Atlanta.

SCA is confident in its ability to provide high-quality services that will benefit your business and make you a long-time customer.