EXCELLENT communication!
The knowledge I have gained from working with SCA has been very beneficial. They not only completed the tasks I needed, but also explained everything so I could understand and learn what they were doing. SCA has EXCELLENT communication skills. I met with SCA’s staff multiple times before beginning our projects. They showed me a roadmap of the project, provided detailed cost estimates, and gave me a project timeline. They will plan your projects out to a T, leaving nothing out. They are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all things IT. They understand the importance of zero downtime in our company and worked very well with our schedule. The experience and knowledge of their engineers gave me a peace about allowing them to work on our production servers.

Matthew S.

Technology Manager, Hospitality Industry

Working with SCA has been a wonderful experience!
SCA’s engineer has hands down been the best engineer we have had the pleasure to work with. Our IT needs were looking very overwhelming to me. SCA took charge of everything and got it all done. I have peace of mind that we have finally found the right fit for IT support. Thank you!

Andrea S.

Founder, Financial Industry

Excellent Response Time
SCA has provided a level service that is beyond our expectations. They provide an excellent response time, and the cost is in line with what a small business can afford. Their support team has the best customer service skills, and they possess core values that match our company’s culture. Just give them a try and you will be surprised.

Julie A.

Director of Operations, Non Profit industry

You will not regret the selection of SCA!
SCA offers reliability, stability, and wide knowledge of the IT industry. SCA listens to the concerns of our agency and seeks the right IT solutions to handle them. You will not regret the selection of SCA as a firm to handle your IT needs.

Brenda M.

IT Manager, Government Industry

Peace of Mind
The single biggest benefit to us and our company since moving to SCA for IT support is peace of mind. We are starting a new family-run company and need to have all our personal and business interests protected. SCA provides that for us. SCA listened to what we were doing and tailored a program that fits our needs. That personal interaction separates SCA from everyone else. SCA delivered exactly what we needed for our new venture. They took the info we gave them and created an infrastructure that works for us. They are a group dedicated to the success of our company and that made our decision easy to use them.

Arnie S.

Founder, Consulting industry

Peace of mind. Responsiveness. Expertise. Accountability.
Knowing that our equipment and data are monitored, our data is secure, and our systems are serviced by highly competent engineers that are dedicated to quality service standards provides us with peace of mind. SCA is responsive, provides a high level of expertise, and ascribes to the highest standard of customer care and technical proficiency that our company could hope for.

Marianne M.

Administrative Management, Consulting Industry

You will be very happy with SCA
The most beneficial thing about working with SCA is having someone that knows our systems. SCA is very consistent and thorough in all of their work. SCA is very supportive, friendly and helpful. They will always get back to you and help with anything no matter how small the issue. They make recommendations if they feel it will benefit your company, but never try to push you on purchasing anything.

Carol W.

Office Manager, Place of Worship

Am I associate today’s name was Zach He was prompt effective efficient courteous it was the best experience I’ve had with this company since being with GCA and it brought such peace and stress relief to my home with such a simple fix I just can’t thank him enough


Our company began our partnership with SCA in December 2021. We consider ourselves a small but big company with just shy of 50 employees. I have dealt with a variety of different third party IT consultants in the past 20 years. We felt comfortable with SCA during our interview process and due diligence period. They provided detail about our system that no other IT consultant had previously revealed. From the age of equipment, software needs, storage, updates, and a detailed dark web scan. From the first time we met until today, my confidence in SCA as our third party IT consultant, has only grown. They have not been given a task that was not completed to our satisfaction within a reasonable amount of time. From the first person to answer the phone to the last person to resolve our issues, we are greeted by a cheerful voice that handles our request professionally. My favorite surprise is the call I receive from Melinda to make sure we have had a great week and do not need any assistance before closing on Friday. I could not be happier with our organizations choice to hire SCA to handle all of our IT needs.


SCA does a phenomenal job of handling our IT needs!
SCA has an exceptional understanding of what we need from an IT standpoint. Their attention to detail and customer service is top notch. I’ve always felt confident that we’re going to be taken care of. Knowing that we have SCA to lean on gives us confidence that our needs will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Jason W.

Sales Manager, Event Rental Industry

Open Communication
The biggest benefit in working with SCA is confidence in knowing that the issue at hand will be resolved quickly, seamlessly and without constantly having to follow up. Open communication as far as different options, costs and pros/cons for each solution has also been appreciated. If someone was on the fence about choosing SCA as their IT firm, I would say to do it. They have a great team of knowledgeable engineers keeping you up to date with latest technology, trends and threats.

Jacques G.

Operations Manager, Consulting Industry

Reliable With a Depth of Knowledge
The biggest benefit since moving to SCA for IT support is that we now have reliable solution for everyday issues and someone to handle the non-routine issues. SCA has a depth of knowledge and skills that exceed other smaller IT firms we have used.

Dean H.

IT Director, Place of Worship

Response Time is Great!
The IT services SCA provides are offered in a prompt and professional manner. Downtime is at a minimum, which is a huge difference from our last IT support provider. Response time is great. They go above and beyond to make sure our IT systems run smoothly. SCA makes sure they understand our needs and help us to make good decisions to keep our IT systems running.

Catherine P.

Controller, Mechanical Industry

Proactive, Organized, Knowledgeable
They know our business and know what we need. They’re on top of the way technology is changing and its impact on us. They are proactive, organized, knowledgeable and don’t require babysitting. I contact them with an issue, concern or problem and know I don’t have to follow up again. It will get addressed in a timely manner. They’re local which is huge. They’re also not massive so you don’t get lost in the shuffle and consistently get reassigned to other people who have no idea how your business operates.

Justin M.

Assistant Controller, Property Management Industry

Customer Service Second To None!
I have so many great things to say about SCA. The customer service provided by SCA is truly second to none and our calls are answered immediately. It’s as if SCA’s engineers are employees of our company. They know us and our systems so well. We don’t have to waste time explaining our systems to someone new each time. SCA’s representatives are thorough, they are transparent and answer all of our questions, they’re not just trying to upsell us, and are very responsible in helping us stay within our budget. SCA will provide you with total peace of mind as it relates to your IT needs.

Donna H.

Office Manager, Consulting Industry

SCA to the rescue! Givana was prompt at responding to my request for help and did a total remote overhaul of my computer today! She was efficient, thorough and very kind. I appreciate your patience, Givana! My computer is running smoothly now!


Travis Crow with SCA has always been a GREAT HELP to this technically challenged man. He not only solves my problem but takes the time to teach me what I did not know or understand.


If you are in need of IT support, SCA is the way to go. They are always attentive with our company’s issues and they are reliable when we need them the most. In the world of remote work, our computers are what makes us productive and effective. All of the technicians I have worked with never keep me waiting long. They are attentive, patient, and know their field well. I highly recommend SCA for your IT needs!


Henry Disharoon was soooooo helpful and patient! He called in to follow up when I got frustrated and took a day off. He finally got it fixed for me and never made me feel like I was a pain!


Southeastern Computer Associates has helped me time and time again with a variety of issues with my home computers – set-up, memory, connectivity, external storage, security. They respond immediately and often are able to troubleshoot and solve problems remotely. Their pricing is very fair for the quality of service provided. I highly recommend this company. Kevin and Jay and the gang are great!


Tiii Pimp
Tiii Pimp
October 25, 2023.
Zach was great help
Tamia Tucker
Tamia Tucker
October 25, 2023.
After missing a call from this company, I called back & spoke to Zach Brinkley who helped me no problem, very nice young man & jumped right onto what I needed! Very good customer service! Thank you!
Natara Williams
Natara Williams
October 13, 2023.
Zach was very calm and informative I did not have to ask any question the exchange was complete and professional.
Heather Carter
Heather Carter
October 13, 2023.
Zack was very friendly and helpful. He help fix my printer on the first try. Very greatful. Thank you
Christie G.
Christie G.
October 13, 2023.
Responded quickly. Was friendly and helpful and the issue was resolved promptly.
Tiya Tukes
Tiya Tukes
October 11, 2023.
Today, my teen had some issues with her schools live learning platform "Class." I reached out to SCA and spoke with Henry, ticket #499835. Henry was wonderful. While we were not able to figure out what was going on (because it is something on the schools end), Henry thought of everything it could possibly be and then some. He walked me through every step. He was professional, kind, courteous, and efficient. Thank-you so much Henry for your professionalism.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith
October 10, 2023.
Engineer Bryant was great. Unbelievably patient working with me through my email problem. He had me back up and running quickly.
Natasha Davidson
Natasha Davidson
September 29, 2023.
The representative Sean was very helpful and knowledgeable about what was wrong with the hotspot device I was having connection problems with it.
Audrey Sharpe
Audrey Sharpe
September 26, 2023.
Excellent job assisting and persistent. Thank you!

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