Southeastern Computer Associates (SCA) understands that signing up for Managed Services can be a stressful situation for you and your organization. But as you have likely already decided, it is a necessity to remain competitive in today’s market.

Whether you are choosing to outsource instead of staffing for IT, switching companies due to cost or poor service, or your company has now reached the size when it is simply time to find IT solutions to be more effective and efficient, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible for you!

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Here are the current promotions for you to choose from this month:
– $1 Computers
– First Month Free
– Beat Any Comparable Quote By 10%
– Referral: $500 For Referral Partner and New Client
– Waive Onboarding Fees (Protect MSP)

(Pro tip: Ask how you can choose more than one. It can be done!)

$1 Computers

Does your organization have some outdated desktops that are slowing down your business? You pay top dollar for the best internet services, organizational software and applications, but you still have a bottleneck with the limitations of your current computers. We can help! We can decommission your older desktops and transfer the data to a more updated machine with better specifications, eliminating the bottleneck. The cost? $1 per computer, for new clients that have signed up for SCA’s Complete or CIO Managed Service Plan. Why would we do this, you may be wondering? Simply stated it is the best move for both of us. It helps to reduce your IT related problems and that is what we are here to do. We focus on building long term, mutually beneficial relationships. This is part of our investment into that professional relationship. Find out more from our Business Development Specialists.

OptiPlex 3020 MT Desktop
Atlanta IT Support

First Month Free

We are not going to charge you to become a client. SCA knows that you have made an investment into your IT by deciding it was time for a change from your previous setup and going through the process of ensuring SCA is the best fit for your organization. We want to reciprocate and show that we are also investing in this long term business partnership. What better way to begin than with your first month free!

Beat Any Comparable Quote By 10%

Sometimes you have to shop around and see what’s out there and what the associated costs typically run. We get it and we’re not mad about it. This is a long standing promotion at SCA, but actually the least requested. Why? Just as we do with our deployed security features, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and make an effort to be ahead of the curve and setting the pace. SCA has crafted our services to be industry leading and a great value for all of the features and benefits provided to our managed service clients. We think your research will only confirm this fact. We would hate for you to not make a choice of better customer service, an entire team with more expanded experience, and higher levels of security based simply on price. So if you have a comparable quote that you are willing to provide to us, we are willing to beat it. HNCK4034

Referral: $500 For Referral Partner and New Client

Check out the SCA Partner Referral Program here

Waive Onboarding Fees (Protect MSP)

Don’t need the unlimited support included in our Complete plan? No problem, Protect will keep you, well… protected, of course. If you sign up for this tier of managed service with SCA, and meet certain minimum quantity requirements, we will waive the respective implementation fees! Typically this is billed as hourly labor, but we are more than happy to offer this promotion to decrease your initial/switching costs. This is a just another way we can prove our commitment to developing long term mutually beneficial relationships!

As a true business partner, here are some bonuses that we already include as part of our everyday service:

  • No Onboarding Fees (Complete/ CIO Managed Service Clients)
  • Guaranteed (FAST) Response Times
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction


Starting at Less Than A Minimum Wage Employee

Southeastern Computer Associates will support your computers, network and end-users while providing a service that fits your budget. Give us a call today to schedule a network assessment to take over your IT support needs.

Spencer Rievley
Spencer Rievley
May 6, 2022.
Great job, very quick response and fix.
Charnell Stanley
Charnell Stanley
May 6, 2022.
I had a great experience with SCA. The response time was very quick. I would recommend SCA for all office IT needs. They have met and exceeded all of our expectations.
Karine Brooms
Karine Brooms
March 28, 2022.
The entire team at SCA has always been so helpful and timely at resolving any computer issues I have had. Working with everyone has been a pleasure!
Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell
March 4, 2022.
Travis was a great help in getting me set up on my desktop and laptop.
Owen % Owen
Owen % Owen
March 3, 2022.
Rad is a great guy.
Na Luckett
Na Luckett
February 25, 2022.
Travis Crow has great customer service and he came to my property and did an amazing job.
February 25, 2022.

SINCE 1995.

Over the years, we have forged many long-term relationships with clients in the metro-Atlanta area who started out small and have grown in size. Our services are perfect for this scenario as they scale along with your budget and needs.