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IT Services

In this day and age, nearly every business in the world uses computers or some form of technology to run their business on a daily basis. Computers have vastly increased the productivity and efficiency of many tasks that used to be performed manually by many people. It has also eliminated many of the errors that were common. Because of the efficiency the computers provide, it is even more important that computers and networks continue to work properly and securely. Any down time that you experience is multiplied since the computers are so integral in today’s business workflow. With this being said, it is crucial that you verify that proper support services are in place. Most big companies employ a full time IT department that proactively maintains the entire network and computer infrastructure and help desk services. However, most small businesses cannot afford a full time IT department. Instead, they have some local guy who only reactively resolve their issues. This creates many problems. Often, it is too late to properly fix an issue that has gone unmonitored for a long time. The other issue is that this single person is not necessarily available when you need them the most. In some cases, we have heard stories of IT guys completely falling off the face of the Earth without leaving the company without their own passwords, losing access to their own systems. Once you are locked out of your own systems, the outcome can be truly disastrous. For this reason, it is crucial to work with a company who has a full team of IT support representatives in place and is transparent in the way they document any changes or administrative information that you, as a business, will need on file. Outsourcing an IT company provides the level of service to the level of having your own full-time in-house IT department offers but it only cost a fraction of the price. It also greatly outweighs the cost of downtime for the business. It is also important to have a proactive plan in place, to monitor and maintain the systems in order to minimize the risk of down time and maximizes the chance of uptime. This involves proper maintenance, Windows system updates and patches, third-party updates and patches, hardware and event log monitoring, monitoring of hard drive space availability, and monitoring of data backup as well as having a disaster recovery plan in place if all else fails.

The internet has become a mandatory part of conducting business. It touches almost every part of our lives including the day to day workflow in and out of the office. It is crucial that the internet connection stays fast and stable. Many businesses have opted in for a secondary, failover internet connection in case the primary connection goes down. This ensures the redundancy needed to keep the network up and running. We have relationships with telecommunications brokers to provide all of the options that are available at your location. VoIP phones have become a standard in the industry. The only downside is that they rely on the internet to be stable in order to work properly. It is imperative that your internet connection is stable, fast and redundant to ensure proper communication with your customers and internally in the office.

Protect Managed Service

Cyber security is becoming more and more important everyday. In the old days, you could just run some free antivirus software and things would be secure. These days, things have changed. With ransomware attacks, CEO fraud and other standard phishing attacks are on the rise Traditional antivirus virus software cannot protect you from the modern-day cyber threats. In order to provide a baseline set of security standards, we implement a multi-layered approach. This includes everything from next generation security software, to email filtering and monitoring, deep packet inspection to hardware and software firewalls. We also implement an employee security awareness training program that will ensure that employees understand what to watch out for in case of a cyberattack. This proactive service includes maintenance, monitoring, and patching of the systems. The service stabilizes the network and the machines to a point where many support requests are eliminated from the get-go. Along with this service, we provide a discounted rate for all helpdesk requests.

Complete Managed Service

Companies that are serious about their IT infrastructure want to use a fully managed services plan. This allows us to take full responsibility for your network. During the implementation we do a complete audit of the network and all devices and configurations. After this discovery phase is completed, we evaluate what best practices should be implemented in order to ensure the stability, efficiency and uptime. We will also recommend any additional software or hardware that is needed. In some cases we will actually remove any extraneous pieces of software or hardware that are over complicating your network. This plan includes everything from the protect managed service, but it also includes unlimited remote and on-site support requests. Companies love the fact that they do not have to pay for implementation for their first month when they sign up. They also have the option to replace any of their old desktop computers for only $1. Yes that’s right, $1. These computers have current modern specs with a high performance level to get your systems running at an optimal level very quickly. With this service, you also receive a dedicated account manager who will oversee your account, perform quarterly business review meetings with you to keep you up to speed with what your current service offers and define your IT roadmap technology plans and objectives. This plan guarantees maximum uptime, inventory tracking, warranty tracking, password management, network and device documentation is built into this plan. There is never an additional on cost when you hire a new employee. If an employee moves from one office to the other one down the hall. This is included in support coverage for that employee. There is no extra cost to onboard a new employee. All of our existing clients have moved to the complete managed service and they all love it! They enjoy having the ability to budget for the future because their monthly bill is always the same price per user.

CIO Managed Service

The CIO Managed Service is our top-tier, premium service. It replicates the function of having a full-time CIO executive as a full-time employee. This service involves having everything that is included in the protect managed service as well as the complete managed service. In addition, you will receive a fully managed compliance consulting, mobile device management, phone system management, vendor management, and IT training via lunch and learn meetings. Technology budgeting is one of the key benefits that the service offers. You won’t have to worry anymore about hiring technical IT staff as we will handle that for you. We will also attend any C-level meetings that you have so that technology is always at the forefront of your company’s decision-making and planning. Along with this service includes telecommunications implementation and support.

Help Desk Support

When you run into an issue, you need a quick resolution to allow you to get back to work being profitable. We provide a full-time help desk which is run by a team of highly skilled network engineers to resolve your issue. There are many ways to submit a help desk request. You can send us an email, call in to speak with someone or login to our employee portal and enter the request. Many times the fastest way to have the issue resolved is to allow us remote into your desktop of your computer so that we can see what you see and we can talk through the issue. Since we don’t have to spend time driving to your location, we will resolve the issue as fast as humanly or inhumanly possible. We can refer to the system logs in order to verify this your issue is not simply just the symptom of a greater problem. If it is a greater problem, we will investigate and resolve it so that the symptoms do not continue any longer. If needed, we are happy to come on-site to your location and resolve your issue. This also allows us to look around your office to very that nothing else needs to be addressed. We always follow up with you to verify that the issue is resolved before we close the support request. The help desk support is available to all of our clients and all unlimited requests are prepaid with complete managed service. You’re completely covered!