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Southeastern Computer Associates will support your computers, network and end-users while providing a service that fits your budget. Give us a call today to schedule a network assessment to take over your IT support needs.

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The person that answers the phone, fixes the problem, we don’t do phone shuffle. We offer our first month for free, so you can see how much better we are than the rest. We invest in your business by replacing old desktops at our cost, for 1$ during on-boarding. We don’t charge you to become a customer, so there are no on-boarding fees.

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SINCE 1995.

Over the years, we have forged many long-term relationships with clients in the metro-Atlanta area who started out small and have grown in size. Our services are perfect for this scenario as they scale along with your budget and needs. 

Southeastern Computer Associates (SCA) is Metro- Atlanta’s best IT service and IT Support Atlanta company on the cutting edge of technology services, support, and security since 1995. We take a customer centric and proactive approach to information technology that keeps businesses up and running effectively and efficiently. Our many years of experience have enabled SCA to serve organizations across a wide variety of industries throughout the state of Georgia.

As society increasingly relies on digital data, computers, and connectivity, information technology really is the fuel that enables your business to fire on all cylinders. Communication is a cornerstone of civilization, just as having all of your devices connected and communicating seamlessly across your business network is an absolute must. Minimizing and eliminating downtime of your essential technology saves your organization time and money. Our thorough onboarding process for new clients and 24/7 monitoring of your network and devices increases your efficiency, allowing everyone to focus on their primary duties and be as productive as possible whether working from home or in the office. When computer support is needed, SCA’s highly skilled team of Solutions Engineers are no more than an email or phone call away. Our helpdesk team can provide fast remote support or schedule an on-site service visit if necessary.

Of course, this expanded reliance on technology is not without inherent risk to the sensitive information that is stored and passed between these aforementioned devices. Cybersecurity is more important now than it has ever been, and this aspect of technology is one that is not going to change any time soon. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to scam, disrupt, and steal from individuals and organizations. Businesses are more susceptible to these attempts for the simple reasons that they typically have an abundance of personal and financial data for employees, clients, and the business itself. Additionally, across any size workforce, employees typically have varying degrees of awareness and experience dealing with cybercriminal tactics and tools like phishing, malware, ransomware, keylogging, spoofing, etc. Cybersecurity at your company is only as strong as the weakest link in your chain of operations, whether it be a human resource or inferior security tool. This is precisely why SCA has always implemented a multilayered approach to cybersecurity for networks and endpoints including antivirus, firewall installation and configuration, email filtering, DNS filtering, end user training, dark web scanning, and more. Southeastern Computer Associates stringently vets and continually evaluates each cybersecurity tool we deploy to ensure that only the most modern and highest quality resources available are keeping our clients safe.

SCA is the leading local provider for IT Managed Services (MSP). We have developed three tiers of managed IT Support Atlanta services based on the most common needs for businesses that can be implemented to fit your specific environment and business model. Instead of reacting when issues arise, an immediate benefit of being on an IT managed service plan is all of the setup and deployment of monitoring tools on computers, servers, and the overall network. Onboarding new MSP clients is a highly focused area of concentration at SCA that we take pride in excelling above the competition. During onboarding, we take the necessary time to address any pre-existing issues, evaluating the current state of the network and devices, and then implement tools and solutions to get everything up to our standards with the ultimate goal of minimizing or eliminating future technological issues in a highly secure environment. After onboarding is complete, SCA is your IT department- simply call or email whenever you need assistance and our team will quickly respond to resolve the matter. Whether your priority is security, support, or both, the headache free solution is Southeastern Computer Associate’s managed services for IT.

Have an IT project that you need accomplished with precision and in a timely manner? Email migration, moving to the Cloud, replace existing on-premises server, upgrade or install wireless access points, need to purchase new computers, or any other type of technology change you desire has no reason to be delayed with SCA here to serve. We will promptly meet with you to understand your goals, discuss options, develop the scope, generate the proposal for your approval, and complete the project with satisfaction guaranteed.

As your true IT partner, we are always here for IT Support Atlanta consultation as new business challenges and opportunities arise that involve technology components. We understand the complexities of certain resources, processes, and the multifaceted relationship among technology’s role across business functions. When you need responsive and reliable IT support, SCA is the dependable choice.