Computer Support


As a Dell reseller, we can provide all hardware and devices that your company will need for the lowest possible price. We also sell from other manufacturers such as Epson, Lenovo, HP, Acer, etc. This includes desktops, laptops, servers, monitors, printers, headsets, mice keyboards, firewalls, smartphones, printers, wireless network devices, routers and access points or any other devices that you will need. Because of our experience in working with many companies in many industries, we know what is best to recommend hardware that meets the needs of your business. Laptops and desktops have many specs and features that should be customized and thought about before making the purchase. For instance, laptops have different sizes of screens. This is often dictated by the level of portability and performance that will be needed by that user. Desktops are very similar, depending on the type of space that is available, the size of the computer can be selected. Also, certain users and departments that require a higher level of processing power such as graphics processing, or Computer Assisted Design (CAD) departments. Many laptop users need to have multiple screens when they are working at their desk. For this setup, we recommend a docking station which allow users to connect their laptop, push it off to the side, and then use the connected multiple large monitors and a separate full-size keyboard and mouse to work with. The benefit of this is it when they are done working but they need to leave and work at other locations, they simply disconnect laptop and go about their way. Other features that are nice on a laptop is a backlit keyboard which will allow you to see the keys when you are in a dark area. A webcam is very helpful for webinars, virtual face to face meetings and other types of video recordings. Some users, specifically accounting department employees, will need to have the separate number pad on their laptop. This can also be purchased as an external peripheral and connected as needed. Once the hardware is quoted and purchased, it will be delivered to replace your old systems with the new system and migrate all of the data over so that your employees can get back to work as soon as possible.

The speed of the network is dictated by the hardware of that network. Often times, the switch, wireless access points, and firewalls need to be replaced or reconfigured to create the highest level of functionality and efficiency. Along with this, security is at the utmost of importance. A firewall will not only provide a level of security to your network but also allow the maximum speed that is included with your broadband service. Enabling deep packet inspection (DPI) and GEO IP filtering, as well as black listing known cyber crime servers, greatly provides a higher level of network security. We can help you select the best devices and configurations to match your needs while relieving your concerns about the performance and security of your network.

Office 365

Office 365 by Microsoft, is a cloud based software suite which has become a standard in the industry. There are many benefits that come along with migrating to this service. Not only it is it the full office productivity suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Etc. It also involves the Online Exchange email service.

Historically, the Microsoft Office Suite was purchased along with a computer. They would live through the life cycle of that computer. However, often times if you hired an employee and set them up for the computer, and then employee left and that computer sat around for a year, you would be stuck with software that you paid for but are not using. With the new cloud-based Office 365 service you can turn licensing on and off from month to month. You can also add additional programs as needed to the suite. Another benefit is that it allows you to install the software for the same user on up to 5 devices at the same time. Automatic upgrades are included with this plan and pricing is month-to-month. Your software will always be up to date and any new features will be implemented immediately.

The Online Exchange portion of Office 365 has swept through the industry and become a standard way to run an email system. The old style, on premise Exchange and this new online Exchange both have similar functionality on the end-user side. All mail, contacts & calendars will be synced up on all devices that are signed in to that account. Microsoft has even rolled out a mobile Outlook app for smartphones that mimics the version of Outlook that you see on the workstation. Even the online web-based mail service is almost fully functional.

Historically, companies will have to purchase a physical server that would sit physically at that location. It would run their Exchange mail server. This was very costly due to purchasing the hardware, purchasing the software, maintaining the hardware and software, backing up the system. There was no redundancy in place so if the Exchange server went down, all mail stopped flowing between your employees and your clients and vendors. The single point of failure created huge hiccups in business continuity and lost revenue. In an attempt to solve this, Microsoft rolled out their Online Exchange service. With this service, all of the management and maintenance happens on Microsoft’s back end. They handle all the updates, maintenance and monitoring of the systems. All you have to do, for a monthly fee, is add, remove, users and licensing from the system. It has the full functionality of traditional Exchange Server but with none of the downsides. We often perform on premise Exchange to Office 365 mail migration projects as companies are retiring there legacy Exchange servers in order to move to the more modern, cloud based Office 365 online exchange service. This service allows us to implement an anti-spam filter, email backup, attachments and boxing, encryption and archiving. We highly recommend that all companies move to this service due to its flexibility, affordable cost, security benefits and minimal downtime.

Accounting Software

Every business has accounting needs. Some businesses have projects that they have to manage the accounting workflow as the project takes place. Other companies simply have to keep track of finances in order to report for taxes, overhead and expenses. Either way, SCA has extensive experience is supporting accounting software. QuickBooks it’s probably the most standard software that the business will run. Because of this, we have many knowledgeable engineers on staff who can quickly resolve any issues that you have. We will upgrade your systems and make sure that your accounting data is backed up properly. Many of our clients are in the construction industry. This will require them to have project accounting management software such as Viewpoint, Sage, Timberline, etc. This software is often installed on multiple users devices and is very important that many of them can work from the database at the same time. Even with the software being fully under support by the manufacturer, it is important do you have an IT staff ready to interact with them to mitigate any issues efficiently and effectively.

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