Backup and Disaster Recovery

Southeastern Computer Associates follows a 3-2-1 backup and disaster recovery formula. We make sure that you have 3 copies of your data. We will make 2 copies of your data onsite, and move 1 copy of your data offsite. With multiple copies of your data onsite, we can swiftly restore your company data. In the even of a disaster, we can restore your company data from the offsite copy and allow your employees to get back up and running quickly at an alternate location.

Very early in the client relationship, we will establish the Recovery Time Objectives of your business. This means that we take the time to understand the revenue producing activities of your business and how long your business can be down without access to your technology and data backups. We will then put together a backup and disaster recovery solution to fit your Recovery Time Object, taking into account your budget.

Data backup has always been important for businesses. The data that your business generates and stores is the lifeblood of your business. Not only do you want to secure the data but you also want to make sure that the work performed by your employees is being secured on a daily basis. There’s nothing worse for a company to be completely down and unable to work because their data has either become corrupted or held ransom by a cyber attacker. In some cases, if there was no proper data backup and no disaster recovery plan in place, all of the data is lost! This can put the company at risk of going out of business. It also affects that businesses reputation to it’s customers. The last thing that a business needs to worry about is how to bounce back from data loss or corruption. In order to ensure this does not happen, a proper backup and disaster recovery service plan should be implement. With this in place, a proactive measure will be created to verify that no data loss occurs. It is always best practice to save all data to a local location, as well as to a off-site, cloud location. The local location is your first and primary measure to restore the lost data. The cloud off site data backup is your secondary measure that you will use if the primary is unavailable. However the secondary will take much longer to restore. Many systems, depending on the specifics, will choose to backup via an image based backup. This will allow the entire system to be restored to a similar or dissimilar hardware very quickly. Making sure the data is properly backed up is crucial but it is also imperative to have a plan in place to restore the data quickly and minimize the downtime of the company.

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