In a recent phishing scam, scammers told users that they have violated copyright laws and must take immediate action to protect their account. The scammers claim that the content the user posted, such as an Instagram photo or a YouTube video, violates copyright law. Users are told that they must immediately click a link to protect their account from suspension or deactivation. However, in a recent version of this scam, the scammers are trying to get you on the phone with a fake support tech.

The way this scam works is that scammers send a fake Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) complaint that informs users about a potential copyright violation. The user is told that they can click a link to see the original copyright complaint or they can call a phone number to contact technical support. When the user tries to click the complaint link, they are taken to an error page. This error page is used to pressure the user into calling the free, fraudulent phone number instead. Once the user calls, the fake technical support team uses social engineering tactics to pressure the users into revealing sensitive information.

Don’t fall for this trick! Follow the tips below:

  • Beware of urgent messages. Cybercriminals use this sense of urgency to pressure you into acting quickly.
  • Never give away sensitive account information. Organization’s IT teams will not ask for sensitive information, such as passwords, over the phone or over email.

Don’t call without verifying the phone number. Verify the organization’s phone number by checking their official website. Want more tips? Be sure to check out some of the other IT support Atlanta team.