Few things are more important in life than education. Benjamin Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” An investment in knowledge is indeed the most valuable asset that a person can have in this world.
SCA empowers educators and students to maximize their education and knowledge.

The internet is one of the most important things to ever happen to share information and knowledge to everyone in the world. It allows people to research any topic that is known. It allows people to discuss topics and empower each other. Technology allows students to take classes at any time of the day, and not be tethered to a schedule. It also allows to break free of the traditional, live teacher system that is very expensive. A live teacher has the ability to teach an infinite number of students at once, not just the amount of students that can physically fit in the room.

SCA offers comprehensive managed IT support and network security packages built specifically for schools.
Your child’s education is the utmost of importance to us. We empower schools, teachers and students by ensuring their technology is up and running and does not cause a hindrance to the learning process. This allows your students and teachers to continue their path to a full education without downtime. We have a dedicated staff of highly experienced and trained engineers who provide day to day support, proactive infrastructure maintenance, and ongoing security guidance and design services. This creates a secure platform that provides maximum productivity for your staff and your students as they grow further into their education career.

Some students are not as verbally social as other students. They interact much better in an online format. Traditional classes would require students to take part in group discussions. Shy students would often not be as included in these discussions. Technology allows them to feel more comfortable and not fear expressing their thoughts and feelings about a topic.

The use of translation software allows students to not be tethered to a specific language for their education.

Overhead projectors were commonly used for many years to educate students. The latest technologies have taken that to the next level.

Technology allows to present information in ways that are much were engaging with the previous techniques that were less technological. Animations, music, humor, Etc can be implemented into the schooling to keep the child from becoming bored and tuning out. Our brains tend to remember things that we have seen visually as opposed to just hearing something coming from the teacher’s voice.

It is important that schools provide the proper level of technology.

Education Security

Education should be safe. the student should not be vulnerable to cyber attacks and should be able to focus 100% on to their maximizing their education. This is why it is so very important that their technology is secure from the threat of cyber attacks. The communication between the teacher and students must hello in an open and efficient manner, but also keep students and teachers free from dangerous and things that will break their communication systems. The internet is the most important place for a student to properly perform research and learn about their Subjects. The internet, however, is also a very dangerous place if proper procedures and Protocols are not configured and put into place. Blocking the students from searching about Eddie dangerous we’re prohibited topics is crucial. This will keep them safe from learning about many of the dangerous and harmful things that exist in today’s internet. Google search is a powerful tool but it does not filter out what it finds in the search but is requested. With the use of firewall content filtering, we are able to create a safe portal between the internet and the student. We also have the ability to monitor which students are searching for inappropriate content and topics which can be helpful to verify if a student is following proper code of conduct. Software updates to the operating system and software is another very important factor when it comes to cybersecurity. These updates provide security and maintenance patches that keep up with the modern cyber threats. The challenge with a computer is that it is designed to allow communication and changes to the system, and many cybercriminals will exploit these to perform malicious and exploitative tasks. These software updates are pushed out regularly and will deny the attacker the ability to perform these expectations. Overall, the use of computers and the internet for educational purposes is very safe as long as a knowledgeable IT company is overseeing in administering the IT infrastructure on a daily basis.


Remember the days when your dog would eat her homework? Where you stayed up all night working on a project, only to spill coffee on it, or to leave your homework on the school bus, never to be seen again?. another problem historically, is to accidentally save over a paper that you had written. Once it was saved oh, there was no way to get it back.the technology of today allows for this to be avoided.With content and educational software allowing all work to be digitally created and saved to the students computer as well as to the cloud, it ensures that work will never be lost oh, it also allows the teacher and parents to track the students productivity in real time. The current systems allow students and teachers to undo any changes did they have made.

Virtual Classrooms

Technology Has allowed for students to learn at a different location from where the teacher is. This has given the opportunity for many who would often not have the opportunities as other kids. The computers and the internet allow the ability to create a virtual environment that is very similar to being had a school in person. Teachers have the ability to see the student and show visual presentations. The teacher and the student can be anywhere in the world! This has opened up the option for students to attend classes at schools that they previously did not have access to. It allows them to access specialized information and training in an affordable and flexible manner. Classes can be attended with the use of a laptop, tablet or smartphone. There will be many other technologies coming soon that will make things even better. Virtual classrooms also eliminate the time it takes for a student and teacher to travel to school and avoid the dangers that surround travel. This is better for the students, teachers and schools. It has made school more affordable for the students while bringing in more money for the schools. This allows for better technology to be purchase and implements and to attract better teachers via higher salaries.