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If you need IT Support Atlanta and you love deals, SCA is the company for you.

You will not get a better deal than joining us. Even though we have great deals, our quality is still high. It is the opposite; we have some of the highest quality around.

Our deals are just there so that you can experience our excellent quality and stay with us for the long run. We are confident that once you experience our excellent customer service, you will want to be with us as long as your company is around.

One of our fantastic deals is that we have no onboarding fees.

We want to get you started without having to put up a lot of money at the start. IT-Support-Atlanta-3453467

We’ll do our best to allow you to join our team without a high cost. Not only do we have no onboarding fees, but you will also get your first month of support for free.

We are so confident that after that first month, you will be so happy with your service that you will continue working with us.

Our great deals and excellent service make us the top place for IT Support Atlanta.

Not only will we get you started with us at a great price, but we will also be any competitor’s quote by 10%.

Here at SCA, we don’t have these deals to get you in the door and charge you a lot of money. We get you in the door and still give you a great monthly deal to have us be your IT Support Atlanta. 

Our company has been around for nearly 30 years, and we plan to be around for decades. We’re not just here to get eaten and make a quick buck off of you.

We want to ensure that we are around to grow with your company as it grows. We aren’t standing back in the hope that your company grows; our goal is that our services will help your company grow. 

We want to free up the time and resources you are putting into technology and allow you to use that to grow your business further.

With our decades of experience, we can help you in any way you need.

We have been able to grow as technology has grown over the last 30 years.

You know that technology is constantly changing and has changed drastically since a couple of decades ago.

Our company has been able to survive those changes and continue to adapt to the changing environment.

As technology continues to change, we will be able to provide you with the best and most up-to-date technology.

We don’t want you to worry about researching all the new features that continue to come out. Leave that to us, and we will ensure that you are up to date.

If you are interested in scheduling a free network assessment,  you can reach out to us at or 678-401-2465. We look forward to helping you have a more efficient business while saving you money. 

IT Support Atlanta | The Accessible IT Company

There are many benefits to choosing SCA as your IT Support Atlanta.

Many larger IT  companies outsource a lot of their work. At SCA, you will not have to worry about our company outsourcing any of our employees, and all of our workers are full-time employees on salary.

This means that anytime you give us a call, you’re not going to be talking to somebody in a different country but will be able to talk to somebody familiar with your business which can quickly solve any of your issues. 

Not only do we provide you with somebody familiar with your business, but we will not play phone shuffle with you.

If you are contacting us, that means you are already taking time out of your day that you did not plan to explain a problem to us.

We’ll ensure that whoever the first person you talk to becomes the only person you talk to about your problem. It can be frustrating to repeat your problems repeatedly to different people, but we will prevent you from that headache.

Whoever answers the phone when you call will be the only person you talk to; they will walk you through each step until the problem is resolved.

IT-Support-Atlanta-3183148Having technological issues and downtime at your business is the last thing we want. We are committed to resolving problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

No matter what size of business you are in, we can find a plan that is perfect for you. We want to help customize our services to fit you and your needs.

Our goal is to help your businesses grow and not give you things that will not benefit you. Willingness to fit our customer’s needs is just one of the reasons why people come to us when they need IT Support Atlanta.

Not only do we help businesses, but we also work with schools and support schools IT needs.

Being around for almost 30 years has allowed us to work with technology in all different sectors. We can help you set up a network and navigate the technological landscape no matter what type of business or environment you are working in.

We not only manage IT services, but we also do disaster recovery. We know how many important documents people store on their computers, from business documents to Cherished family photos.

If something happens to your computer and it’s not backed up, we know how devastating it can be to lose all that information. We can recover many of the documents on your computer if it breaks or stops working.

It is our joy to bring those memories and those documents back to you so we can help you get them backed up for future problems.

If you have questions about our disaster recovery or IT Support Atlanta, contact us for a free quote or Network assessment.  We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your partner.

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