You’ve probably seen employees wearing security badges at their organization’s offices. Can you think of how many different organizations’ badges you can recognize? Can you recall the details of the badges you’ve seen?

There are several different details on badges that cybercriminals look for, such as an employee’s picture, the employee’s name, and the color of the badge. As technology has advanced and image editing software has become more popular, cybercriminals can use these details to easily replicate the look of security badges.

Within hours, cybercriminals could recreate your badge with their own names and pictures. They can then use the badge to gain access to your organization’s offices or buildings.

How to Protect Your Security Badge or ID

It’s important that you are responsible for your security badge and that you practice proper badge use. If your organization has a formal policy about proper badge use, please refer to that policy.

Follow the tips below to protect your security badge or ID:

  • Wear your badge at all times when you’re inside of your organization’s offices or buildings.
  • Don’t wear your badge while you are in a public place. When you wear your badge in a public place, you are also showing people where you work. If cybercriminals know your name and where you work, they can target you or your organization.
  • If you’ve lost your badge or believe your badge has been stolen, immediately report it as missing.
  • Never let other people use your badge, even if they have forgotten their own badge at home.

Next time you leave for a lunch break or leave your office, put your badge in your purse or pocket so that other people can’t easily read the information on your badge.

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