Have you ever found a USB drive or a CD on the ground or in a parking lot? While you may be curious to see what data is on the USB drive or CD, you should never insert unknown objects into your computer.

Cybercriminals can use USB drives or CDs to steal information and gain unauthorized access to your organization’s network. If you insert unknown devices into your computer, cybercriminals can immediately put malicious code into your computer. By the time you can see what information is loaded on the object, cybercriminals may have already damaged your computer.

Your organization should have a policy on how to handle unknown objects such as USB drives. If your organization does have a policy, follow the guidelines listed in that policy. If your organization doesn’t have a policy, ask your IT department what you should do if you find an unknown object.

Cyberattacks could cost your organization thousands or even millions of dollars. Remember to always refer to your organization’s policies or consult your IT department to help you handle these situations.