The Best Charter Schools Standardized Testing Company

Southern Computer Associates is a company that will give you a thorough onboarding process, making sure you can detect any pre-existing issues and understand your network.

We make sure to provide you with the best IT support.

If you are a business, we would love to manage all of your IT needs. For schools, we would also love to help with Charter Schools Standardized Testing.

One of the great things about choosing us to manage your network is that you get unlimited IT support. 

We are not going to nickel-and-dime you every time you have a problem or question.

We want you to be able to set your budget and know exactly how much you are going to pay each month.

You will get unlimited support for one set monthly fee, and you won’t have any additional charges for on-site calls.

Our company can help you with your disaster recovery and computer support.

We are PCI and HIPAA-compliant so that all of your client’s information stays safe.

Our company was started 17 years ago and we have worked with a plethora of businesses.

We’ll personalize your plan so you get the coverage you need.

If you are a school, we would love to manage your network.

We have multiple packages that are built specifically for schools. We are part of the Georgia Charter Schools Association, and we would love to help you with Charter Schools Standardized Testing.

There are MANY benefits to using online school.

When circumstances prevent people from coming to school, online school allows you to teach students while they are at home.

We know virtual school can be a lot to get up and running, but we would love to help you with that.

Charter Schools Standardized Testing 3862623Our team can give you all the tools and technology that you and your students need to be able to learn successfully in virtual classrooms.

Whether you are a business or a school, allowing us to manage our systems will save you money.

Hiring full-time employees to deal with your IT needs can be expensive.

Paying us a monthly fee is going to save you time so that you can put that money back into the business or spend that money on the students. 

We have helped us support you anytime you have a question.

This is going to reduce your downtime, being able to get your problems fixed quickly.

When you choose us, we will replace all of your old desktop computers for only $1!

This lets us know that we are all starting off on the right foot and that any problems you are experiencing are not due to old technology.

You will get $1 computers, and you will also not experience any onboarding fees and will get the first month for free.

No matter what size or type of business you had we would have loved to manage all of your IT needs.

If you are a school, contact us for a free consultation so we can start saving you time and money.

Our goal is that your students have as much learning time as possible and that they have a good place to do Charter Schools Standardized Testing.

Not All Charter Schools Standardized Testing Companies Are The Same

Southern Computer Associates is home to the $1 deal.

We will get you started with us with no onboarding fee, and we will replace all of your old computers for just $1. 

We want to start on the right foot so that any problems you experience are not due to having poor technology. It’s a good deal for you as well as for us.

We don’t want to get a bunch of calls from you saying that your computer or the network is slow when it could be due to having old computers.

This is why we update everything at the start to ensure that we start on a fresh slate.

Another great thing is that your first month with us will be free.

We are so confident in our support and service that we give all this to you up front because we know we will keep your business for years to come.

We do more than manage IT services for businesses; we also manage the services for schools as well.

We can also help with Charter Schools Standardized Testing.

It is important that students are tested and information is gathered from that test.

Getting information from a test allows students, and especially the teachers, to know what they need to focus on—taking a test each year also allows administrators to see the student’s growth each year and measure if they are on track.

Suppose you need help with how to set up and administer a standardized test; our company would love to walk you through that. 

There are many great things about choosing SCA as your network manager. 

We are going to beat any competitor’s quote by 10%.

We know when you encounter a problem, you want it solved as quickly as possible.

One way we can solve problems is by having the person who answers the phone be the only person you talk to. 

Having to call is already taking time out of your day when you could be doing something more productive.

Our policy ensures that you spend less time explaining your problem to multiple people while getting passed around on the phone. Charter Schools Standardized Testing 4514038

We aim to have you explain your situation once and have that same person walk you through the steps of solving it as quickly as possible. 

Whether you are a school or a business, downtime is something you do not want.

The company is part of the Georgia Charter Schools Association.

We’ve dealt with many charter schools and would love to help you if you need Charter Schools Standardized Testing.

When you are a charter school, funding can be difficult to come by, and choosing us over paying a full-time employee to manage your IT systems will save you money.

When you choose us, you have one flat monthly fee for us to manage your systems and give you access to our help desk. 

SCA would love to give you a free assessment so you can see if our plan is right for you.

If you are a business or a school looking for Charter Schools Standardized Testing, we’re confident we are the best place to go.

Reach us at or 678-401-2465.