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Atlanta It Support | Our Company is Going to Do What We Can

Atlanta It Support | Our Company is Going to Do What We Can

Atlanta IT Support is so confident you are going to love our products and our service, we offer our first-month services for free. We are also going to give you a computer for only $1. Yes, you read that correctly, a computer for only $1. To take advantage of this one-dollar deal, you’ll simply go to our website and click on the yellow button in the center of the page that says, “Claim $1 Computer Offer”. After you click on this, you’ll see a brown box in which we ask you to fill out your contact information. Once you click the enter button, someone on our team will get back to you right away.

We here at Atlanta IT Support are so confident in the services that we provide, we are going to give you your first month for free. With us, there are no fees to get started and this service is offered for all of the Metro Atlanta areas. During this free/complimentary month, you are going to see why we are the highest and most reviewed IT company in the Atlanta area. We are committed to giving you excellent service day in and day out. Our team understands how important it is to have reliable technology to make sure you are optimizing your business and taking care of your clients.Top Atlanta IT Support

We have multiple services at Atlanta IT Support for you to choose from.  We are the IT company that can support you no matter what size your business is.  If you are a smaller company and only wish to have a handful of services, you’ll find our “al-a-carte” services very helpful.  This service will allow you the support you need without having full support.  We can also manage all of your technology needs.  Whichever service is the best fit for you and your company, we will give you top-notch service. 

There are many reasons we recommend using us. First, we have been in business since 1995. This is twenty-six years we’ve been working with clients throughout the Metro-Atlanta area to make sure things are running smoothly for businesses. During those twenty-six years, we’ve seen many new advancements in technology. Having this experience allows us to know all the latest and greatest moves to make all things tech run smoothly at your business.

Atlanta IT Support is committed to never outsourcing our services. When you hire us, you hire our team exclusively.  We don’t have contractors. Everyone who will be working on your projects will be a full-time employee of SCA.  We are proud of this because you will also have the chance to get to know our team.  We started as more of a help desk type of operation. However, over the years we have evolved into a full-scale, do-it-all type of company. 

We want to make sure we’re giving people top-of-the-line services. the best company today. That is why we can’t wait to make sure that our company and our team are really going to help people find that you can call us today at 678-401-2465. If you have any questions and you don’t want to give us a call, then you’re always welcome to visit our website is both for information

Atlanta IT Support  Our Team Is the Top Trusted Team

Atlanta IT Support has been in business for twenty-six years and we are very proud of this.  We are tried and true!  We have learned many things during this time.  We have watched the world transform from many people not having a computer in their home, to now people having access to the internet at all times.  This experience has given us the expertise to serve you and your company in many capacities.  

We can offer your company everything from full service IT services to something we like to refer to as al-la-carte.  Whether you need us some of the time or all of the time, Atlanta IT Support can make all your technology needs a non-issue for you and your employees, which will benefit your client base.  All of the people who work with us are full-time.  We never outsource to contractors. We believe this helps in many ways because you will get to know our systems and our team.  This will give you comfort in knowing we will take care of it all.  

We also offer a full-time dispatcher at Atlanta IT Support.  This dispatcher can help you and your business in “real-time”.   The adage, “you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.” Will quickly disappear when you work with us. You’ll only desire to live with them because we as professionals in technology will take care of all the reasons you’d want to live without them!  You’ll always be thrilled to have technology because we will take all the headaches away. 

We also realize the threat of cyber infiltration is legit.  This means that cyber hacking is always of concern; however, when you bring our team on you can rest assured we’ll take care of these threats.  Our firewalls will keep out everything from hackers to those pesky spam filters.  Not only will your information be safe, but your team will also have faster internet, which will allow them to get their work done faster and more efficiently.  

We have two owners with excellent expertise in all things technology and cyber-space.  Ben Miner has been with our company for 20 years and has an impressive amount of experience in the technology world.  We are also very proud to have Greg Burchell on our team.  Greg holds degrees from Southern Polytechnic State University and a degree in Microsoft.  He is our CEO and together these two create a dynamic duo.  

Top Atlanta IT Support IT Support is an excellent place to outsource because we will save you money, we have multiple service packages you can choose from, and we are stable!  With the experience of twenty-six years in the industry, we are going to be around and not a fly-by-night type of organization, here today, gone tomorrow.  Also, we are a company that is focused on strategy.  This means we’ll take the technology side of your plate and you can focus on your day-to-day needs.  

We are here to help. You can call us at  678-401-2465. You can also find a great deal of information on our website at  We are passionate about helping you and your team get focused on what they do best and let us focus on what we do best.